Thursday, December 29, 2011

Riedel Vinum Single Malt Scotch Glasses, Set of 6

!±8±Riedel Vinum Single Malt Scotch Glasses, Set of 6

Brand : Riedel
Rate :
Price : $119.85
Post Date : Dec 29, 2011 13:00:10
Usually ships in 1-2 business days

The German-made Riedel Vinum glasses consist of 24-percent lead crystal for distinctive clarity and brilliance. Renowned German glassmaker Riedel designs the shape of each glass to most fully enhance the appreciation of the liquid within. Machine-crafted in Bavaria from 24-percent lead crystal and designed for fine scotch, single malt whiskey, Irish whiskey, and Tennessee whiskey. Ideal for highlighting sweetness and creaminess of spirits. While all Vinum glassware is dishwasher-safe, Riedel recommends washing the crystal by hand to prevent detergent residue that can affect the taste.

Nobody knows Wine like Riedel from stemware to decanters, Riedel glassware is prized for it's quality and the way it enhances the enjoyment of fine beverages. Strong enough for daily use. Makes a great gift for those who appreciate the pleasure of drinking scotch.

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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Ravenscroft Crystal Cognac/Single Malt Scotch Snifter - Set of 4

!±8±Ravenscroft Crystal Cognac/Single Malt Scotch Snifter - Set of 4

Brand : Ravenscroft Crystal
Rate :
Price : $79.99
Post Date : Dec 25, 2011 22:56:06
Usually ships in 24 hours

The Ravenscroft Crystal Cognac/Single Malt Scotch Balloon Snifter is the classic and dramatic way to serve your treasured brown spirits. Hand made of brilliant lead-free European crystal with a whisper light hand and mouth feel the Ravenscroft Crystal Cognac/Single Malt Scotch Snifter glass will deliver a powerful alcoholic nose while concentrating fruit driven aromas. Height 7-1/2-inch Capacity 14-Ounce Recommended for: Cognac, Single Batch Bourbon and Single Malt Scotch

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Monday, December 5, 2011

Top 5 Executive Holiday Gifts for a President Or CEO

!±8± Top 5 Executive Holiday Gifts for a President Or CEO

This holiday season send a unique corporate gift that will resonate in the minds of those who have helped carry your brand during the past fiscal year.

Leather Business Items, Desk Sets and Accessories

Leather desk sets and accessories like cowhide writing tablets and portfolios, glazed cowhide checkbooks, leather-wrapped journals, magnetic card cases and stylish leather mouse pads are among the top corporate promotional gifts you could send during the holidays.

Executive -leather desk accessories are not only durable but these tasteful selections provide for the ultimate finishing touch on the corporate holiday gift-giving season.

Travel Accessories

Busy executives always on the run appreciate high quality travel accessories during the business holiday gift-giving season. The ultimate travel collection could include a suede drawstring show bag, a fine-brushed microfiber excursion case with leather trim, a traveler's companion wallet that holds all necessities, a stylish luggage tag or a passport wallet.

Executive Desk Accessories

Safe, reliable and time-tested business gifts, executive desk accessories are universal. Think glass message pad or business card holders, glass frames or leather-wrapped photo cubes for family photos, keepsake boxes, a cowhide drink coaster set or champagne and wine holders trimmed with top grain leather (body of case can be screen printed).

Stylish Corporate Gifts

Do important clients like to relax after a hectic day with a single malt scotch or glass of wine? If you know they do, reward them with a personalized corporate gift they will appreciate. From sturdy leather wine case travelers lined with faux suede to debossed cowhide leather coaster sets, to wine decanters and martini shakers, the options are endless. Even a richly textured leather wrapped thermo for coffee drinkers is a good idea for those that avoid liquor.

Make an Impression with Golf-themed Executive Holiday Gifts

Golf and business meetings go hand-in-hand these days when important figures and deals need to be hammered out in a casual setting. A personalized corporate gift such as a golf scorecard holder with the recipient's logo or name imprinted on it will surely grab the attention of those present, most likely striking up conversation and triggering a thought leading back to the person who sent it. Elegant golf gift sets can include valuables pouches, golf tees, a scorecard set or shoe carrying case.

Top 5 Executive Holiday Gifts for a President Or CEO

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